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Helping you be how you'd prefer to be!

  • Overcome anxiety and start feeling more at ease and in control

  • Let go of unwanted habits

  • Grow your confidence and self-image

  • Ditch the phobia that is affecting your life 

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and take back control

  • Find expert help, focused on you as an individual, so you can get the right results that last.

Here at CLN Therapy, I have supported many people from all walks of life, I have built up lots of feedback showing how this has helped them. 

You can read some of this feedback here


I utilise a number of effective methods to keep you on track; including coaching, stress management, and confidence-boosting techniques. I work with each person as an individual and do not believe in one standard approach, so together we will find the best approach for you. I work in an honest, down to earth way. I am continually keeping my skills updated, training in new therapeutic methods and developments so I can offer a range of suitable therapy options which include the latest developments and techniques. I also ensure a good success rate by only agreeing to work with clients if I feel my skills are matched to their issue. 

I am not medically qualified and therapy sessions do not replace or serve as a medical treatment or consultation/diagnosis. There may be times when I ask you to see your GP before working with me. If I do not feel I am the right therapist for you or that your issues are not my area of expertise, I will not work with you - this is none negotiable.