Maintaining Mental Health & Well-Being -Practical Tips

Stress - we feel it physically, mentally and emotionally. Stressful events will affect everyone in different ways. Physical signs - tension all over, bodily aches, bodily symptoms such as digestive issues, headache, dizziness, fatigue, loss of or increased appetite, being unable to sleep or frequent waking . 😧 * Emotional signs - feeling on high alert to everything, an increased startle response, feeling irrational, overestimating danger, maybe feeling you can't focus on everyday tasks, feeling tearful. Behavioural signs - arguing over everything and nothing, procrastinating, increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms - alcohol in excess, gambling, etc. Nail biting, and similar habits. Some p

Managing Stress

Stress - a completely normal and expected reaction to current events. Stress isn't always a bad thing - there are times when stress can be motivating and useful. When it gets too much, or begins to impact everyday life and functioning, there are steps we can take to help ourselves. 💥All change brings a certain amount of stress - our subconscious minds don't like change. The unknown is potentially dangerous so the mind will search for the pitfalls, even when it's a good change. Sometimes this can be useful and motivating. In stressful events which we have no control over, and not much choice about, our stress levels will rise further than usual. Lack of control will add to any stress already

Understanding Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety & fear - both a normal response but not a very pleasant feeling. It can help to gain an understanding of this in order to deal with it. Fear is a natural and useful response to threat or danger. Anxiety is usually a bit more vague and longer lasting. Fear is a great tool for survival. It allows us to carefully consider the possibilities and gives us an awareness of danger - without fear we'd be in more danger! I know this sounds strange, but that in-built fear system keeps us alert and lets us know when it's time to act. The subconscious survival system has an inbuilt instinct to find safety under threat... but in uncertain times such as a pandemic, none of us knows how this will pla

Coping with Isolation

We have all been given various Government advice over the past few months. This includes staying at home, and strict social distancing. This is bound to come with a feeling of isolation to some degree. Some people will tolerate this quite well, others will struggle with the lack of social interaction and loss of routine. Being isolated from all we know can be difficult for us to deal with. Being cut off from friends and family while adjusting to a new way of living can be very stressful. Some people will have experienced stress of managing a family and household when schools were closed, adjusting to working from home (if we are not a front line worker) our work and financial situations can

All About Control.

All about control - or loss of it, and the anxiety this brings. It's perfectly reasonable to expect the bizarre way our lives have changed to be getting to some of us by now. Let's look at how we can maintain our mental health and well-being during the Corona pandemic. Control ~ loss of control and the unknown of the situation is what I'm hearing from clients to be the most worrying thing. If we feel out of control, our anxiety levels rise and we start to head towards unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is especially so as we are being asked to stay in one place and do nothing - the exact opposite of our ancestors instincts to fight/flee and survive. It can feel very uncomfortable. We can stil

What's happening at CLN Therapy?

Hi everyone. Just an update about what is happening with CLN Therapy during this crazy time. As you can all probably guess, I am unable to provide face to face sessions for the foreseeable future. Park View Clinic has taken the sensible option of temporary closure, and in the interests of safety, I have changed the way sessions are held. Since the situation with Covid-19 has moved so quickly, I have been rapidly making myself familiar with online working. I am still here for those of you requiring support during this time. Sessions will take place over secure platform Zoom or similar. All confidentiality and GDPR will still be strictly adhered to. Past clients - if you feel like you could d

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