Emma Louise Tait reviewed Hypnotherapy Counselling & Coaching with Claire – 5 star

9 July 2017 · 

Claire is helping me to face my stage anxiety can't thank her enough. I recommend her services to all.

The thought of getting up in front of a crowd of people and making a speech is enough to make lots of people feel anxious. Having a fear of public speaking is common. For some people, this anxiety develops into a fear of speaking in all situations. It can vary from a fear of speaking in front of a crowd such as a speech or presentation, all the way to fear of social situations, even one to one situations. Fear of public speaking is a form of social anxiety. When you're speaking publicly, the audience will be paying attention to you and listening to what you have to say. What can happen is the fear of being judged, which can be triggered when lots of people are paying attention to you. This can feel overwhelming. The fear can be reinforced when we feel we make mistakes. 
You may try to relax, but this may not help enough. This is because the symptoms you experience stem from your subconscious. Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety can help you build confidence. Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious to reframe the anxious thoughts. If the anxiety is coming from past events, we can look at those and reframe them rather than allowing them to continue producing outdated anxiety. Suggestion and visualisation techniques can also be used to instil different thinking, boost confidence and reduce anxiety. This will help you feel calm and collected when you are required to speak in public. While having some anxious thoughts or 'nerves' when speaking publicly such as a wedding speech or an important job interview, when it starts to have a detrimental effect on life, or when it becomes overwhelming, then it may be time to get some help to feel how you'd prefer to feel!


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