Ditch the phobia

IWhen the fear starts to impact greatly on your personal or work life, preventing you from doing the things you want to or from leading a normal, happy life, then Hypnotherapy or BWRT can be a very effective way of working. I have successfully worked with many clients to free them from their phobia, quickly and effectively - see some of the client cases below - all shared with permission.'m a paragraph. 


Irrational fear?

You may be consciously aware that your phobia is irrational but it's your subconscious mind that holds onto the fear. It's natural to experience fear, but sometimes the subconscious gets it wrong - it thinks it's protecting us but this response is outdated or mistaken. It may not even be your fear - you may have learned it from someone else. The part of your brain where the fear is stored is very efficient at acting quickly before you are consciously aware - so you think " I really don't want to feel this way". However, by the time you have that thought, the subconscious has already set the fear in motion. 

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Phobia of birds

Shared with permission from Abi Boyd

After a fear of birds for over 10 years of my life, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I was recommended Claire by a friend of my mothers, and I am honestly so glad I decided to give it a go. Claire erased any previous presumptions about hypnotherapy and took the time to understand my fear in depth. She has a way of making you feel so calm and at ease especially when talking about the fear itself which often feels embarrassing or silly. 

My fear of birds meant I would avoid them at all costs, make longer trips to not be near them etc, I couldn't eat outside in case they came near me and so on. After one session with Claire I instantly felt better, she gave me a selection of relaxation techniques which I find useful in everyday situations, not just my fears.

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Dentist Phobia!

Sarah had a cripppling fear of the dentist which meant she could not face treatment for many years.


"The issue I decided to seek hypnotherapy on was my fear of dentists. I had a bad experience as a young child which had caused the fear. For the next 10 years I rarely visited the dentist, and when I did I suffered severe panic attacks and if any treatment needed doing I needed to be referred to the hospital for general anaesthetic. I tried other therapies; these had given techniques for while being at dentist, however with little success (still had severe panic attacks, nightmares leading up to appointment and any treatment still needed to be done while under general anaesthetic). I then decided to give hypnotherapy a go, and consulted Claire. My experience with hypnosis was relaxed and informal.

The results have been amazing, I had no panic attacks or nightmares and have had regular dentist appointments. I recently had a filling done with the same results - my dentist was amazed and in shock afterwards. I'm doing really well I've now had all my treatment at the dentist.

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Initial session - £65

Further sessions if needed - £55