Hypnotherapy - sorting out the myths!

As a hypnotherapist, I am used to hearing all the myths out there regarding hypnosis! Here are some of the most common ones - let's get to the truth!

Myth - Hypnotherapy is mumbo jumbo.

Hypnotherapy is an effective technique to help you access your subconscious mind to make all the changes you want to see on a conscious level. We are simply reconnecting how you want to feel & behave with how your subconscious mind thinks you should. Hypnotherapy speaks directly to the part of your mind where old habits, behaviours and self - limiting beliefs are stored. Your conscious, analytical mind which would normally stop these new suggestions from having a good effect, takes a break, similar to when you go off in a daydream. We are working with the emotional part of the brain, which will always win! This is the part where these unwanted behaviours and beliefs are in place. In this state we are more susceptible to suggestions - but only ones that are beneficial to us. Hypnotherapists use the state of hypnosis to introduce suggestions that will help bring about positive change. Hypnosis is based on normal psychological processes – there’s really nothing mysterious or magic about it.

Myth - I can't be hypnotised

Wrong! The state of hypnosis is completely natural. Most people will go in and out of hypnosis several times per day. As long as someome wants to be hypnotised, and is willing to make those changes for their benefit, then there is no reason why the state of hypnosis can not be achieved.

Myth - Hypnotists make people lose control - there's no way I'm doing that!

You won't - your subconscious mind is always working for your benefit, to protect you This is why it puts in place behaviours that it thinks is keeping you safe. You are actually gaining control of whatever issue you seek to change. All that happens is your conscious mind relaxes, becomes less active, and your subconscious mind comes to the forefront - you are always in control and will not do anything that you do not want to do! Your mind will not accept any suggestions that it doesn't want to. There is no running around like a chicken or dancing like a ballerina - unless you want to!

Myth - You can get stuck in hypnosis.

Absolutely not! There is no way you can get stuck in hypnosis. You would simply come back to normal awareness, even if the hypnotist left the room and went home. It is just like having a daydream, or a rest- you just come back to normal awareness naturally when you are ready.

Myth - I won't be aware of what is going on

Some people drift off into deep relaxation and just feel as though they are in a day dream like state - similar to when just about to fall asleep. Some people feel as though they have been asleep, but you will always be aware. You may not feel like interacting with the sounds and other things going on in your environment, it's more pleasant to just drift - but if you needed to come back to normal awareness for any reason - you would!

I hope that has helped with some of your questions.

If you have any more things you'd like to discuss, get in touch;

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