What's happening at CLN Therapy?

Hi everyone. Just an update about what is happening with CLN Therapy during this crazy time.

As you can all probably guess, I am unable to provide face to face sessions for the foreseeable future. Park View Clinic has taken the sensible option of temporary closure, and in the interests of safety, I have changed the way sessions are held.

Since the situation with Covid-19 has moved so quickly, I have been rapidly making myself familiar with online working. I am still here for those of you requiring support during this time. Sessions will take place over secure platform Zoom or similar. All confidentiality and GDPR will still be strictly adhered to.

Past clients - if you feel like you could do with some help during this time, please get in touch for a follow up appointment - this will be free of charge.

In general, sessions will be at a reduced rate for the duration of the government lock down period - I know there are a lot of people feeling the effects on their finances.

What is happening with BWRT? - My collegues over at BWRT have been amazing - there are lots of BWRT professionals offering their services on reduced rate or pro bono, in particular to NHS, Military, Police, Frontline workers. In addition to this, there are many groups set up and individual therapists offering online free to access relaxation, guided meditation and coping skills, as well as downloads. I can point you in the direction of all of this if you require it.

Feel free to send me an email - claire@clntherapy.co.uk for more info or to access any of the services available.

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