All About Control.

All about control - or loss of it, and the anxiety this brings.

It's perfectly reasonable to expect the bizarre way our lives have changed to be getting to some of us by now. Let's look at how we can maintain our mental health and well-being during the Corona pandemic.

Control ~ loss of control and the unknown of the situation is what I'm hearing from clients to be the most worrying thing. If we feel out of control, our anxiety levels rise and we start to head towards unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is especially so as we are being asked to stay in one place and do nothing - the exact opposite of our ancestors instincts to fight/flee and survive. It can feel very uncomfortable.

We can still control some aspects of our lives, but many things are outside of our control, particularly in extraordinary times of a pandemic.

✨We cannot control the unseen virus itself, but we can take reasonable steps to reduce our risk.

✨We cannot control other people's actions, or whether they follow guidance and adhere to social distancing, but there are things we can do to protect ourselves.

✨We cannot control the media, fake or exaggerated social media stories, or the amount of coverage given to the pandemic, but we can control how much we watch or pay attention to.

✨We cannot control government decisions but we can choose to listen and adhere to the evidence-based advice given.

✨There is still much we CAN do to help maintain and improve our own mental health and well-being.

I'll be taking a look at some positive steps we can take over the coming days.

Take care.

Claire 🙂

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