Managing Stress

Stress - a completely normal and expected reaction to current events. Stress isn't always a bad thing - there are times when stress can be motivating and useful.

When it gets too much, or begins to impact everyday life and functioning, there are steps we can take to help ourselves.

💥All change brings a certain amount of stress - our subconscious minds don't like change. The unknown is potentially dangerous so the mind will search for the pitfalls, even when it's a good change. Sometimes this can be useful and motivating. In stressful events which we have no control over, and not much choice about, our stress levels will rise further than usual. Lack of control will add to any stress already there. We can't see the tiger - so we can't fight/run as easily.

💥Feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope, panic, fear, mind blanks, irritation, worry, anger, anxiety at this pandemic is normal, healthy and in proportion to the situation. All of this is a normal human response to what is happening around us right now.

To help ourselves through this, we can practice the following:

⭐Acknowledge the feeling. Let yourself feel the fear, worry or whatever is going on. ⭐Accept this is a normal response even though it feels very unpleasant.

⭐Plan for the things you do have control over - your access to news, depressing stories in your social media, your own well-being at home.

⭐Ground your senses with the 54321 technique - look around and find five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can touch, two things you can smell, and one deep breath. This helps ground all your senses in the moment, calming emotional responses.

⭐Take a break once per day from all talk of the pandemic.

⭐Look ahead - see yourself in a future time, feeling great and looking back at all this as an old memory. Plan ahead for what you'll do when this ends.


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